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Agro-livestock Water Treatment

Ion exchange resin

That the exchange other one of the ions present in the solid phase ion herein means the exchange of one type of ions present in the exchange or some other place of the mineral in contact with water in different types of ions dissolved in water.

Features and Effects

• Ensuring the quality of irrigation water, and arranged based on the safety of agricultural products.
• Facilities (irrigation, nozzle clogging) Environmental Improvement
• Increasing the productivity of farmers in the agricultural supply custom
• Income can increase agricultural production and improve the quality of the
• Removal of contaminated water
• Remove odors taste
• Remove organic color
• Iron and manganese removal
• Use stainless steel (corrosion resistant)
• Eextend the life of the backwash system (ion exchange resin


• Model: SG-P10
• Capacity: 9.0 ~ 18㎥ / h
• Weight: 45kg
• Pressure: 5kg
• Dimensions: 500 × 1,070mm
• Strainer: 14EA
• Total Weight: 125kg (including resin)
• Application: House, Barn, industrial