Company history.
Since 1987


11. Incorporation of Shinan Green-Tech Co.,Ltd. as expanded and moved.


03. Development of greenhouse ventilation equipment and circulation fan, industry-academy joint development (Sunchon University)


02. Renomination as Saegye Thermal Machinery System as moved to Suncheon, Jeonnam


03. Establishment of Jeju Hyundai Thermal Machinery


10.  Proud Chonnam Award


01.  Registered as a venture business and retained about 30 intellectual properties including 10 patents
03.  Exportation to Germany, and designeated as Promising Small and Medium Exporter of 2007 by Governor of Jeollanamdo
08.  Conclusion of MOU for exporting Air-mixer to Japan and exportation
09.  Awarded President Prize in Scientific Techonology Contest for Agriculture, Forestry and Food


07.  Selected as an INNO-BIZ and commended by Prime Minister for development of agricultural technology


03.  “Shinan Green Institute” registered as Company Annex Institute, and designated as Promising Small and Medium Exporter by Governor of Jeollanamdo
05.  Acquisition of ISO14001 and introduction of Soil Injector as a new product


02.  Air-Dehumidificator designated as Farm Machine of New Technology by Minister of Agriculture and Forestry
08.  Commended by Administrator of Small and Medium Business Administration, and acquired in September the Safety Certificate of Electric Device
10.  Awarded Minister of Industry and Resources Prize, and participated in Se Horticultural Show and Tokyo Horticultural Show


03.  Awarded This Year’s Planner Prize by KBS


03.  CE certification in Europe
05.  Korean Patent Attorneys’ Association Award – Excellent Invention
06.  Paticipation in East Asia Exhibition of Fukuoka Japan and introduced by MBC TV Program Hwajaejipjung in August
08.  MBC topical TV broadcasting
09.  Participation in Innovation Technology Fair(KOEX) and selected as an INNO-BIZ Company
12.  Awarded Prime ster Prize for new technology in practical use, and participation Horti Fair of Amsterdam NTV Netherlands


02.  Exportation for governmental project of Fukuoka, Japan
03.  EM certification in March
11.  Awarded an Excellent Businessman Prize by Minister of Industry and Resources


06.  Exportation to Japan, Agrimatsumoto Co., Ltd.
07.  Air-Mixer recognized as a good product by Industrial Technology Center Test of Fukuoka, Japan
08.  Selected as a New Intellectual(Rebuilding Korea)
12.  Commended as an Excellent Promising SMB by Mayor of Suncheon City and a SME of Technology by Governor


06.  Energy saving air-mixer introduced in KBS News
09.  Participation in Dalian Exposition of China
12.  Acquisition of ISO 9001 Certificate, awarded by Minister of Agriculture and Forestry as an Excellent Company of New Technology for Agricultural Machinery


07.  Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry Food Science and Technology Award Award Award


02.  Dehumidifiers quality certification (Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)


01.  IPM exhibition in Germany, German exports