Air mixer.

Air agitator

Air Mixer is an eco-friendly product that can save energy by reducing the upper and lower temperature difference increases the efficiency of the greenhouse air circulation to promote growth and growing summer crops.

The world’s first, House waterproof motor development for attachment.


• energy savings by reducing the upper and the lower temperature range (15% – 20%)
• To promote carbon assimilation (photosynthesis)
• Maintaining a uniform concentration of carbonic acid gas
• Leaves sway in the breeze healthy growth
• Facilitate Growth grown indoors due to convection breeze
• Crop and high temperature paint disability prevention
• Equal quality of agricultural production and increase productivity
• Alleviate disease caused by high humidity (mildew, etc.)
• Air mixer labor-saving automatic control due to time and temperature sensor deviation in the microcomputer
• Increase ventilation in the summer to promote growth and growing summer crop efficiency (temperature drop)


• Model: SGA-120
– Size: ⏀440 × ⏀390 × ⏀460 × 320mm
– Material: SUS
– Weight: 7.0 kg
• Model: SGA-120P
– Size: ⏀440 × ⏀390 × ⏀460 × 300mm
– Material: ABS
– Weight: 5.2 kg
• Application: Horticulture, house, animals, mushrooms, industrial, Redhyang, Hallabong House
• Specifications Motor: 220V, 60Hz, 100W, 4P, 1,000 ~ 1,500rpm
• Fan: 4FAN
• Airflow: 42 m3 / min
• Using area: 50 square


• The shape of the model and the fans, Fan speed distribution in the Ejection section.
• With respect to the axis of the fan, and is ejected be rotated 45 ° in the circumferential direction.

Install agitator

• Enlarge picture of the flow field around the Fan.
• Downward air flow formed in the discharge portion around the discharge velocity of the vertical downward component.
• Flow region formed discharged to the suction effect of the upper parts of the air rotates around while rising upwards Fan.