Air Ceiling Fan.

The eco-friendly products that can alleviate the disease, such as to detect the temperature in the greenhouse temperature sensor, automatic humidity of the air force eject a house outside the house create an indoor environment with optimum growth occurring at high temperature and high humidity disability.

Installation examples


Hot air, toxic gases and dust, moisture release.


• High temperature damage prevention
• Disease prevention due to high humidity
• Automatic Ventilation of the sensor (0 ~ 50 ℃)
• Use stainless steel (corrosion resistant)
• Not to let water get inside the house.


• Model Name: SGF-700P
• Dimensions: ⏀400 × 460 × 300mm
• Use: horticulture, house, barn, mushroom use, industrial
• Material: ABS + SUS
• Weight: 6.0 kg
• Motor Specifications : 220V, 60Hz, 130W, 4P, 1,000 ~ 1,500rpm
• Fan: 4FAN
• Airflow: 67m3 / min
• Using area: 50 square