Agricultural Tasers Electric Heater.

Agricultural Tasers Electric Heater as fuel costs and electricity costs are 33% lower than conventional air heater possible product to the air cleaning function solve pest problems and at the same time.


• it has a high heat efficiency with low power consumption and can be effective for heating and drying.
• 33% effective in reducing electricity costs compared to the existing Air Heater and fuel costs.
• At the same time it can clean the air and various pest problems solved by self-cleaning function.
• connecting a plurality of devices over the air (wi-fi) or wire (485) to control (option), it can effectively manage the large space.


• Rated voltage: 220V, 60Hz
• Power consumption: 8 ~ 10KW
• Wind temperature: 50 degrees Celsius or higher (50cm)
• Wind speed: more than 6㎧ (130W blower)
• Dimensions: 495 × 903 × 505 (mm) (unit basis)
• Weight: 34kg (standard body)
• Installation environment: 40 balanced / greenhouses, factories, housing
• Options: Radio control / automatic control (sold separately)