Agricultural air dehumidifier overall.

Air dehumidifier is agricultural and industrial axis, it can be environmentally friendly dehumidifier. An air circulation system by greenhouse temperature and humidity sensors can be integrated greenhouse environment control.

Launched the world’s first semiconductor dehumidifier

Ministry of Agriculture Quality Improvement Project selected products

International and domestic patents, utility model applications

Electrical safety certification ISO 14001 certification


• Remove hazards (condensation, moisture, fog, non-woven, water, etc.)
• Automatic temperature and humidity control
• pest prevention due to high humidity (year disease-free, yeopgobyeong, gray mold, etc.)
• Increasing the quality of the crop and income due to pest prevention
• Improved heating (winter heat loss reduction due to natural ventilation)
• The temperature rise due to the effect dehumidification
• As flow fan type dehumidifier air circulation effect
(Improving the environment, eliminate temperature drift, agricultural products of equal quality)


• Horticulture House
• Barn
• Mushrooms Inc.
• geonjojang (dried persimmon, pepper, seaweed, etc.)
• Industrial


• Model: GD-11S
• Dimensions: ⏀385 × ⏀550mm
• Use: For horticulture, house, barn, four mushrooms, dried persimmon, industrial
• Material: SUS
• Weight (kg): 24.0
• Motor Specifications : 220V, 60Hz, 130W, 4P, 1,000 ~ 1,500rpm
• Fan: 4FAN
• Airflow (m3 / min): 30
• Use Area (square meters): 50-100
• dehumidifying amount: 2.5L / h (20 ℃ temperature, 80% humidity)
• Output: 590w
• Heaters: 2kw, 4kw (purchased separately)
* This product is subject to structural and design changes to improve performance.

Laboratory test results dehumidifier



Controller Specifications

• Use: Industrial Agriculture
• Control system: temperature, time, speed automatic / sequential manual control, defrost control system flow fan / compressor can be individually controlled
• Temperature Sensors: Temperature / Humidity Sensor 0 ~ 99 ℃ / 0 ~ 100%
• Model / Specifications
– SGDC-6T / Specifications : ⏀250 × ⏀350 × 190mm
– SGDC-12T / Specifications: ⏀280 × ⏀380 × 190mm

The controller features

• ICT Smart Control
• Disease reduction, functional flow fan operation based on the temperature and humidity, due to detect the temperature and humidity in the house
• Automatically controlled by time and temperature and humidity (Manual available)
• Defrost sequence control system
• Features flow fan operation by Temperature